Michael Weilert, MD is an experienced pathologist based in Clovis, California. Since finishing his education at the University of California, Dr. Weilert has worked to provide exceptional service to those in his care. He currently works as a pathologist and medical informatics consultant. He has a deep knowledge of general pathology and hematology, in addition to extensive experience in GI and OB/GYN samples. However, over the course of his long and fruitful career, Dr. Weilert has served in various other positions, such as a group and medical staff leader, laboratory director and health care educator.


Pathologists, like Michael Weilert MD, at work.

Under his leadership, Michael Weilert has proven his skill for motivation and improvement time and time again, no matter where he is. In one incident, he led the process for the development, financing and construction of a new, state-of-the-art, 16,500-foot laboratory for anatomic and molecular pathology, as well as the adoption of the LEAN approach to laboratory design and operation, which helped to dramatically improve laboratory function and productivity. Ever the innovative leader, Dr. Weilert supervised a state-of-the-art IT platform for voice recognition, bar code implementation, video monitoring and connectivity. In other positions, he has chaired many medical staff committees, including quality management, credentials and infection control. As a medical staff leader, he served as a chair and re-constituted a medical staff credentials committee, developing most policies and procedures for them.

While serving in a leading position for an 800+ bed, three-hospital system might seem overwhelming to most people, Michael Weilert isn’t like most people. Serving as a medical staff president, he led the process to design and build a new, 18,000-foot hospital laboratory; enhance automation in chemistry, hematology and microbiology and establish trauma blood banking in the trauma surgery suite, and later relocate the entire blood bank to the trauma OR floor. He also led the merger of an acquired county hospital pathology and laboratory operation into the system, and served as CAP lead surveyor on system surveys. As a Hospital board member, he worked to develop new cardiac hospital for the organization, and served on a board of trustees nominating committee, working to develop a viable chair succession plan and a strong panel and bench of board members and candidates.

One important quality of a good leader is the desire to impart their knowledge onto others, something that Michael Weilert understands. He’s worked as a health care educator, teaching students at UCSF Fresno’s residency program, the medical center and local consortium MT training program, the College of American Pathology annual meetings and CSU San Francisco.

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